change of plans

Our original plan for this weekend was to go to Chicago to see Weezer and the Pixies. We had to cancel that trip once we found out D was going to Spain. I had already purchased the tickets, and we had even made alternative plans for the kids. While I’m bummed that D is leaving town, I am not bummed at all that we aren’t turning around and driving back to Chicago after just being there last weekend. That sounds…awful. To be fair, we planned the Weezer/Pixie show before we knew about the DMB tour. Otherwise, we never would have scheduled two weekends in a row like that. We’re too old and tired for that shit. Haha.

But now I have two tickets to what is likely to be a kick ass show. I wonder if our Chicago friends would like to go? We offered them our extra DMB tickets last weekend, but they ended up getting sick. Might as well make the offer. If they don’t take them, maybe I’ll put it out on Facebook. I’m not looking to sell them. I just don’t want them to go to waste.

What will I be doing this weekend instead?

Tonight will be a typical Friday night of cooking and drinking and making the most of my time with my husband before he leaves.

Saturday – not quite sure yet. I’ll def need to work. Probably go to the gym. Hang with the kids. We need to find a new show to binge watch. Reading. I just purchased a long anticipated book I’m eager to dig into: The Last Time I Lied.

Sunday – the kids don’t know it yet but we have reservations to go to the cat cafe. They’ve been begging me to take them back. So we will spend Sunday afternoon petting and cuddling kitties. I’ve heard they have a bunch of kittens right now. MUST RESIST URGE TO BRING KITTENS HOME. But at the same time, while the husband is away…

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