I had to go and fetch the laptop for this one, because I feel as though it’s going to be longish. I avoided my phone for most of the day, because I wanted to be fully present with the kids. But now it is 11:08 pm and the kids are in bed. The house is quiet. I can hear the a/c running, the ceiling fan above me whirring, and my fingers hitting these keys. It’s all a bit lonely, and I dread having to give the kids up on Tuesday. I’d much rather just keep them here all week.

We’ve been enjoying ourselves this weekend. We made a yummy cake. My first attempt at a cake with layers. I think it turned out rather well. We watched three movies: Adventures in Babysitting, Big, and Troop Beverly Hills. I figured TBH was a good choice in light of the fact that Freya will be leaving for GS camp on Sunday. Another long week apart from someone I love.

There have also been several shopping trips and a visit to the cat cafe. We managed to leave without trying to adopt any kitties, though it was a close call on a lovely, sweet little grey-blue kitty named McCree.

I have much anxiety regarding this trial related deadline that is coming up. I had hoped to get a bunch of work done this weekend, but that didn’t really materialize. I did accomplish a bit, and I think that what I did will set me up for an easier time when I really have to dig into it tomorrow, but the mere thought of it just fills with me with dread. I feel overwhelmed and outclassed. On the other hand, I was fretting over it this morning as I was showering, and the following thought occurred to me: Wtf are they going to do if it isn’t good/right/on-time? Fire me? Ha! They’ve appointed me against my will, so they can choke on a dick and die mad about it if they don’t like it.

Right? Right.

Normally I would discuss these things with my husband, and it would help immensely. He’s good at soothing me while pumping me up at the same time. Unfortunately, it is not easy to communicate given the 7 hour time difference. We said good night to each other around 5:30 pm STL time. By the time I go to sleep, he will be starting his day. It’s a bit of a mind fuck really. It’s already Monday there. He’ll read this when he wakes up. I hope you have a great day, babe.

I think it is time for Benadryl and my bed. It’s almost Monday, after all.


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    • The kids are not so glad. It was an older kitten though. I’m holding out for a tiny kitten. 😆

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