good morning

  • I survived night four.
  • D got his flight moved up so that he’s arriving in STL at 10:30 pm on Friday. Only two sleeps to go!
  • I usually message him around 10:30 pm (5:30 am in Spain) with sappy things that he’ll read when he first wakes up. I miss him so much. The days aren’t too bad, but the nights are brutal.
  • I woke up this morning with an awful headache. The cause is a toss up between allergies and stress.
  • Excederin has become my new best friend these last few months.
  • As has Benadryl. I took two last night since the kids weren’t home. 😴😴😴
  • With D being gone, I’ve been taking Bismarck on his night walks. It never ceases to amaze me how vibrant the stars appear out here in the suburbs. It’s a definite perk of the suburbs life.
  • The downside? Running into neighbors that want to chat. I don’t like making small talk with neighbors, but it’s like a suburban wife/mom duty and ughhhhhh.
  • For the most part, our neighbors are cool, and I like them, but one of the husbands gives off a pervy vibe when we’re alone. He’s always complimenting my appearance, and I’m giving him major side eye. Also he’s a raging conservative and isn’t shy about expressing his opinion. I really like his wife though.
  • I’m working from home today so I can concentrate on trial prep. I’m giving myself a 9 am start time, so I’m just going to zone out for the next hour.
  • Tonight is a custody night. It’s going to be another movie night. I think they’re going to love tonight’s pick. One silver lining of the husband’s absence has been that the kids and I have spent some serious quality time together. It was weird not having them here last night, but it was also nice having a break.
  • I leave you with something insanely cute to brighten your day:

Cozy kitty! The purring is loud with this one.

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