inane babble

I should be working (because deadlines, and piles of works, and all the things, all the time), but I spent four hours in court this morning, and so my brain feels fried. In 30 minutes, I get to start the afternoon appointments. I think we have four scheduled. Meh.

I just wanna go home, bro.

My allergies are a fucking disaster today. I can barely keep my eyes open. They hurt so much.

Speaking of my eyes, 2 (out of 3) of my Chinese glasses arrived earlier this week. The sunglasses are fine. They look almost identical to my non-prescription black cat eye sunglasses, and I can see when I have them on, so that’s cool. The hot pink glasses were a huge disappointment. Very cheaply constructed, which I could have gotten past, but the frames were huge on my face, like clown sized huge. I have one more pair on its way (from a different company, but still from China), and I have high hopes for these. I think they will be adorable as long as the frames aren’t too big.

Why is it so hard to find the style of stuff that I like? I cannot find a pair of pink (or even purple…shit I’d settle for teal even) cat eye glasses that I like. I essentially want my current black frames, but in different colors. I love my current frames. I get so many compliments all the time.

I’m having the same problem with shoes. It shouldn’t be this difficult to find a hot pink mary jane and/or t-strap style shoe. Grrrr. I have a pastel pink pair of mary janes, and they’re only okay. They were insanely cheap, and are already falling apart. I only bought them because they were better than nothing. There is some promising stuff online, but a lot of it is too cutesy for my liking. For example: bows on shoes. You can keep your fucking bows. I’m a grown ass woman.

I’ve fallen in love with the Leota brand. Their dresses are amazing. They fit so well, are super flattering, and are work approrpriate. The only downside is that they are expensive at an average price of $150.

I’ll be leaving the office today around 4. The plan is to pick up Bizzy-boo from daycare, and then head on home. I have leftover pizza and steak in the fridge, so that will do for dinner. I have a bit of cleaning I need to do. Otherwise, I plan to chill out, finish The Last Time I Lied, and listen to the livestream of tonight’s DMB concert while I wait on the husband to get home.

Yes, yes, yes. All the yes.

This has felt like the longest week ever. For a variety of reasons.