the calm before the storm

I love getting to the office before everyone else gets here (or staying after everyone has left). It’s so delightfully quiet. The phones aren’t turned on yet, which definitely helps. Once the phones are turned on…chaos.

I have a shitty phone call to make to prison client in about 45 minutes, and I have nothing good to say about any of that. Not that I can say any of it anyway.

Last night, D took me out to a very nice dinner to celebrate my upcoming birthday. No other day this week is going to work, so we decided to celebrate a bit early. Here recently we have really gotten into oysters. We had some last night. It makes me want to check out that champagne and oysters bar my friend keeps telling me about. I need to get that night out set up. The summer is so crazy though. All the weekends are already all booked up.

This is my last work day that is going to not (totally) suck for a while. The next week and a half looks pretty hellish. But then…vacation!

I should stop procrastinating and get to it.

Just take one thing at a time, Jenn. You’ve got this.


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