birthday party recap

I’m thinking no more hosting parties for a while. (Especially joint parties where I’m not in control of the invite list.) Our next party will be our Halloween bash. I’m all hosted out right now.

We are exhausted today. I took a long nap this afternoon, and I’m still excited about bedtime. Lol.

The party was mostly fun, until it wasn’t, and then I was like OMFG get the fuck out of my house already.

Oh and then there was the Great Groping Incident. And it actually was a female perv this time. She’s lucky I didn’t kick her ass.

Related to above: People don’t know how to act. A 42-year-old woman should know better. I don’t care if you’re drunk. Wtf, bitch??? I will cut you.

I kept it classy, though. I was gracious. She was wasted, and insecure. My husband is hot. Her husband is not. So thanks for coming, see ya next time…gtfo now please and thank you.

If you could have seen the look on D’s face! I’ve never seen him so uncomfortable. He gave me this pleading look like please get me out of this mess. The lesson here? Women can cross the line, too. Sexual harassment goes both ways.

Keep your fucking hands to yourself until you have consent to do otherwise. This isn’t hard.

I’m more thankful than ever for our core group of good friends. ❤️❤️❤️

So this is 39!

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