feeling list-y

  • Overall, this was a fantastic weekend. I’m already so much more relaxed than I have been in quite some time.
  • We leave for Tennessee tomorrow, and I’m slightly nervous about how Bismarck will handle the long car ride.
  • I’m cuddling Violet. I’m going to miss her. I’d love to bring her, but she’d lose her shit. She hates being in the car, like HATES it. Luckily, Nancy is going to check in on her a few times. I love living so close to such good friends.
  • We got the d.l. on the float trip, and it sounds like it was absolutely awful. Our friend said to me, “I kept thinking about how much you would have hated it.” 🤣
  • I had a nice little chat with my ex and his gf this afternoon when I stopped by to pick up Jackson. We were laughing and everything. It felt good and normal and it made me happy.
  • Now if I could get him to actually speak to/be around my husband. It’s not like I’m expecting friendship or something ridiculous, just tolerate his presence enough to handle school events, birthdays, holidays, and pick ups…ya know?
  • Maybe in six more years? *lol sob*
  • I believe the current plan is to hike every day we’re in Tennessee. I hope the weather cooperates. The forecast is currently filled with thunderstorms.
  • But…We’re bringing several board games. We’re bringing the Roku. I have a kindle filled with novels. There’s a giant hot tub. I think we’ll be okay regardless. 🤗
  • It’s 12:10 am. I need to wind down, but I’m super excited and totally fucking wired.
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