August blog challenge (day 1)

Advice you wish you could give everyone.

I spend most of my days giving legal advice, so I’m a bit tired of doling out advice, honestly. Especially considering people almost never listen until it’s too late. So I guess my advice is this: if you seek out and pay for the advice of a professional, please listen to what they’re saying with an open mind instead of saying and thinking things like, “Well that’s not what Uncle Bob’s girlfriend’s niece told me.” Is Uncle Bob’s girlfriend’s niece a professional expert on this particular subject? No? Then stfu with that nonsense.

Things you’ve learned you wish you knew earlier.

That the only way to be truly happy is to just be yourself. Fuck society’s expectations. Be true to yourself and you will find your people and you will be happy. Delight in your quirks and differences: they make you the unique person you are.

It’s okay to say no.

It’s okay for people to be mad at you. You’ll survive, and so will they.

You make your own happiness.

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