one more before bed

  • I’ve been bloggy today.
  • I got teary when we left the cabin this morning. This trip ended up being my favorite family vacation. So far.
  • We’re already planning for next year. Lots of ideas being tossed around: Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Outer Banks, Niagara Falls. You have to book early to get the good rentals. The plan is to do ten days next time.
  • It does feel good to be home. I always break into a big smile and shout a little “yay” when I see the Arch on our way into town. I love Saint Louis always and forever.
  • It’s hot as hell here though. Didn’t miss that.
  • I planned ahead and took tomorrow off as a recovery day. Good job, past self.
  • But I am looking forward to Tuesday when I’ll be in the new office. I’m anxious to settle in. It’s going to feel so weird though.
  • We had a bunch of stuff (including trips) scheduled over the next couple of months, but we decided to cancel all of it and be homebodies instead. I couldn’t be happier.
  • I just want to dig into my domestic bliss for a while. This summer has been crazy and I’m tired. I need a minute.
  • My goal was to force myself to stay awake until 11:30. It’s 11:15 now. Close enough.
  • xoxo

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