A Friday Flashback

When I was in school at UCSB, I applied for a job where the ad stated only, “Wanted: 100 wpm+ typist to transcribe audio recordings.” I discovered the job was working for a professor of sociology, transcribing recordings of interviews with various individuals who had known Frank Lloyd Wright and had lived at Taliesin. I accepted the job simply because it paid well and I could work from home. I knew next to nothing about Frank Lloyd Wright, and I wasn’t familiar at all with his work, though I soon came to be.

It ended up being one of my more interesting jobs. The recordings were filled with intense stories about sex and sometimes violence (among other things). In the end, I was left with the impression that Taliesin was a cult of sorts and that Frank Lloyd Wright was kind of a freaky dude.

I was always curious if the book was ever published, but I only just really looked into it today after hearing someone mention Wright this afternoon. (I’m just procrastinating to be honest).

Here it is:

I think I may read it.

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