1. It’s 4 pm and I’m in bed just chilling while J and D play Battleship.
  2. I’m still not feeling great. Still on that tram wagon. I can feel the latest dose kicking in.
  3. I can’t stop thinking about those crack fries we had at HopCat yesterday. I joined the rewards program so now we get a free order. Mmm. That needs to happen soon. Btw that place is pretty cool. You should check it out.
  4. It turns out I still know all the words to Gin and Juice.
  5. Private lounge karaoke is my new jam. I will be back for sure.
  6. I’ve done a bit of laundry today. Oh and some light cleaning. So I’m not completely worthless, just mostly worthless.
  7. Must nap. I feel pretty awful honestly.
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