wasting time

I said I wasn’t going to drink until Thursday this week (because calories), and I won’t, but fuck I want to. Not as a coping mechanism or anything, but just because I fucking love beer. And wine. And tequila. Ain’t no shame in my game.

Today was a weird day. I was supposed to be off (like every Monday), but I went in because we are short staffed right now, and I’m the boss, so… There is all this low level angst and drama in the atmosphere right now, and I just can’t. I just want to scream at everyone, “Get your fucking shit together and stop acting like a goddamned child already.”  Just stop pouting and do your fucking job. It isn’t that hard, I promise.

Fuck, man.

I did leave early today. Around 2:30. I’ve been spending the afternoon with my kid and my dog. The kid starts school Wednesday morning. This was our last day of summer break together.

I’m not really sad to see summer coming to an end. I’m not a big fan of summer, except that D loves summer, and it makes me happy for him to be happy.

Things I’ve bought today:
The Rose All Day palette by Karity. Woot!
Tickets to the Lemp Haunted Walking Tour. Double woot!
Thrive+ – because we are almost out and that shit is fucking legit. I’m going to need it over the next few weekends. We have like 3 or 4 kid free weekends in a row due to scheduling issues and holidays, so we have some fun adult shit planned.
An embroidered collar for Bismarck.

The missing RiekAlts just got home, so ttfn.


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