I went to see my rheumatologist this afternoon and I managed to get two potential clients out of it.

After my appointment, I was standing next to the nurse’s station scheduling my next appointment when a tech mistaked me for a drug rep because I “dress so nice.” Ha! So I jokingly said: it’s worse than that, I’m a lawyer! They asked my speciality, and next thing I know I’m passing out business cards. This sort of thing happens more than you’d think.

I had x-rays taken of my hands. They’re in poor shape. Even I could see the joint damage on the film. Fucking arthritis.

She wants me to stop running because she can feel the swelling in my knees, but I was like: listen, I’m already getting fat because of menopause. You can’t take away the only exercise I enjoy. So she sighed and told me I better start wearing my knee braces.

Follow up in six months. I better weigh ten pounds less by then. Their scale was fucking brutal today. 🤬

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