August blog challenge: day 20

An interesting dating story

I haven’t done a lot of dating in my adult years. I’m a relationship girl. I’m picky about who I date, so when I do go out with someone it usually turns into a relationship.

I met my first husband, G, when I was 18 years old. We were together (more or less…there were a couple of early college break ups where I dated a couple of other people) until I was 32. But…G and I ventured into swinging about a year before we split up (though I knew when we started that it was our death rattle). On one of these swinger dates, I met D. Who I’m now married to. Yep. How many people can say they met their spouse on a swinger date while they were married to someone else?

It was December. Probably a week before NYE. 2011. We met them at a bar. I was nervous. Even though it wasn’t our first time doing something of this sort, it was the first time with people who it seemed like we’d actually have something in common with. And that ended up being true, despite the fact that D’s then wife unintentionally insulted me pretty early on. It was typical of what I’d come to know as the spazzy, know it all, pretentious thing she does. I remember as it was happening that G gave me a look like please don’t be a bitch. I was gracious about it, and she back pedaled like crazy. We moved on.

It ended up being a fun night, though by the end I wasn’t sure D was into me. It was clear G and K liked each other. I thought D was cute and interesting, but I didn’t think anything would come of it. But…then he started messaging me on NYE, and the rest is history.

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