monday meanderings

  • I saw peacock sheets at Target today. I didn’t buy them because we are going to be upgrading to a bigger bed this fall, but maybe I should go buy the king sized set because I need them in my life. So cute.
  • Walking around Target in the middle of the day cured any residual baby fever. I saw three moms absolutely losing their shit because of cranky toddlers. At least I’ll never be dealing with that shit again. I felt for them.
  • These Mondays off help me want to go back to work. By late afternoon I’ve typically had enough weekend.
  • This past weekend was a fucking delight.
  • I miss our kids though and I can’t wait to see them tonight.
  • My weight was up today, but I’m certain it’s water weight from these wrecked muscles of mine. I’m going to keep on keeping on regardless because all this exercise has improved my mental well being.
  • I really need to remember that ^^^.
  • Finished another book. I think it was #63.
  • I’m implementing new rules for myself regarding social media usage. I need to step away from some of this shit.
  • Not the blog, of course. This is my own little personal internet haven.
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