• Beer isn’t really my go-to drink anymore. Neither is wine. My new go-to is tequila. Just a shot of tequila (or three).
  • I spent almost $300 at Sephora and I still look like a frumpy middle aged woman…wtf? 😂
  • A good chunk of that was my signature scent: Tocca Cleopatra.❤️
  • Got so many insights last night into why Big Red is such a whore, and now I don’t even have to feel sorry for her because she just sucks. It has been confirmed. It’s not just me being a hater.
  • We’re going to start Sopranos again. I was depressed after the last time. I remember I was sad all day on Thanksgiving because I felt like I’d lost a friend.
  • Ooh I missed this theme song.
  • Byeeeeee
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