here are some things

  • My child gave himself a hicky by sucking on his upper lip. He looks like he has a red mustache. It’s terrible. Tomorrow is picture day, because of course it is. I guess he’s wearing makeup to school.
  • Sometimes Freya tells me something about life at her mom’s house and I want to be like wtf is happening over there??? Tonight the topic was mice. Not too long ago it was about cat piss and shit all over the house.
  • My ex pulled up next to me at the bus stop this afternoon and my first thought was: here we fucking go again. It actually wasn’t too bad though. Sometimes I’m just an asshole.
  • I managed a little over two miles today walking the dog. I need to do more, but fuck I’m tired recently. Not just tired: fatigued as fuck.
  • I’m only working 2 1/2 days this week.
  • Hot flash alert. It’s awful.
  • Speaking of hot, it’s been hotter than Satan’s taint recently and I’m over it.
  • I’m not super into the book I’m currently reading. It’s not really going anywhere. Baby Teeth.
  • I’m thinking about drugging myself tonight so that I actually sleep.
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