brain dump

I’m way over old, white, male lawyers today. Especially the one who thinks he’s untouchable because he’s the mayor of some shitty local municipality. Dude, idgaf. Imma fuck you up regardless.

Today was cut and color day. I love fresh color. My hair is super dark again. It makes me feel like Snow White.

It rained so much today, which made traffic way shitty, but the weather is so much nicer now. Unfortunately, it’s not going to last, but my time is coming. Patience.

I spend a lot of money buying stuff to help with menopause related issues. This shit is expensive.

I rarely get catcalled anymore, and I’d think it was because I’m old and unattractive except now I get dudes turning around and staring, but without the commentary. So I like to think I’ve still got it, and that maybe men have learned that street harrasment is not cool. I’ve decided that’s the win-win scenario.

I’m not going to lie and say I don’t like the attention.

I have to make it through the work day tomorrow and then I’m off until Tuesday. I’m excited about our weekend plans which include just the right mix of fun and relaxation mixed with some home improvement projects.

And shopping!! We always shop on Labor Day weekend.

We were supposed to be visiting the Pacific Northwest to see DMB at the Gorge. The good news is that we will be able to watch the livestream from the comfort of our living room. I’m pretty fucking excited to be honest. In fact, it may be better than being there in person.

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