Labor Day: Tell us about your job

I’m so not in a work mood today. I’m super chill from this epic long weekend, but fine…

I’m an attorney. I hate telling people that because it’s a whole fucking thing: opinions about the profession, motherfucking lawyer jokes, free legal advice…the list goes on and on. Anyway, I primarily practice consumer bankruptcy, traffic, and criminal defense. I’ve been practicing for almost 12 years. I’ve had my own firm for about 8 of those. Not gonna lie, it’s a fucking grind, but I’m really good at it, and I can’t really imagine doing anything else. Sometimes it even brings me joy.

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One thought on “Labor Day: Tell us about your job

  1. So I work in a real estate agency. Not quite as successful as an attorney, no doubt, but I do sometimes have fun too knowing real estate agents get paid for doing generally nothing. Yes we stand in front of houses and look pretty and bring clients thru, but the work is pretty easy for how much commission we get paid. Everyone wants to be in sales, and now you know why. Sometimes I think about changing careers, just because I have a conscience. But the easy money is too good to ignore.

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