sunday seven (the blog challenge edition)

  1. My feelings regarding the Nashville weekend are very succinctly summed up by a lyric from the St. Vincent song Fast Slow Disco: “I’m so glad I came, but I can’t wait to leave.”
  2. I’m home now. YAY! I received a very enthusiastic welcome from Bismarck. It’s always heartwarming when he gets super excited, because he is typically quite stoic. I received much tail wagging, pawing, and what I’ve come to refer to as husky hugs, which is basically where he comes up and nuzzles me. I even got several welcome home howls!
  3. My husband was happy to see me too. Haha! He couldn’t wait to take me out. We went out for pre-drinking and eventually dinner. We had lots of catching up to do. Tonight, during our long walk with the dog, he told me that he can’t even enjoy a weekend alone anymore because he misses me too much. Awww.
  4. The weather here is fantastic. You can feel that autumn is on its way.
  5. I very much enjoyed spending so much quality time with my bestie this weekend. The car rides alone totaled about 12 hours when you factor in our long lunch stops (oh and the gas station gambling stop)! We also shared the master bedroom at the house: it had two queen beds, its own bathroom, sitting room, and rooftop deck. It was pretty amazing.
  6. We get the kids tomorrow! And next weekend! FINALLY!!!! D and I have a fun little family outing planned for next Sunday. I’m seriously fucking pumped to have these kids at home for a full weekend. God I’ve missed them.
  7. I had so much stuff I’ve been storing up to share here when I got a moment and now that I’m sitting here it’s all gone away. Typical.


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