• I have insomnia. Because of course.
  • You know you’re old when the most exciting part of your day is picking up your newly increased prescription retinoid. .05%, baby!
  • I have a new pair of shoes that are going to blow your fucking tits off with how absolutely fabulous they are. I may reveal them in my next outfit.
  • When Frey saw them tonight, she thought they were special occasion shoes (specifically she thought they were for my bestie’s wedding), but I plan to rock these babies on the reg.
  • In fact, I need hot pink heels for the wedding. The colors are navy and hot pink: one of my favorite combos btw.
  • I’m reading 3 books currently; one of which is a nonfiction book about being obsessed with reading. I identify with so much of it.
  • I sent out the invites for the Halloween party this afternoon. Well really it’s more of a save the date. I’m pumped though. My favorite time of year is upon us.
  • Which reminds me: I’m thinking of buying a dirndl.
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