I love today’s prompt!

First concert: My very first concert was NKOTB when I was 11-years-old. It was at Busch Stadium. I was so very excited, and the show did not disappoint.

Best concert: I’ve seen a lot of really good, cool shows, because I used to be a hipster, so this took some thinking, but I’m ready to throw down with DMB Summer 2015. Great setlist. Boyd was still in the band (God I miss him). This was D’s first DMB show, and we were so excited to be there together. I’ll always remember holding hands and dancing to Watchtower. This show also kickstarted an epic weekend trip to Michigan where so many important things happened. It was a relationship milestone weekend, and as a result, I remember that DMB show very fondly.

Honorable mentions: Snoop Dog at The Blue Note, Wilco at The El Rey (I was pressed up against the stage. Jeff Tweedy sweated on me. I was that close).

Worst concert: My ex and I were are big Elvis Costello fans (like we’ve traveled to see him several times). We were excited to hear he was opening for Bob Dylan in 2007 and in our hometown even. We had great seats. Elvis was amazing, like he always is. But then Dylan came out looking like an ancient rhinestone cowboy. His voice was awful. I mean, I’ve never been a huge Dylan fan, but this was terrible. He just stood there looking like he could fall over at any minute. It was uncomfortable as fuck so G and I bailed after like three songs.

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