I had to cancel our plans to go out with friends tonight, and I’m bummed. But…I have an awful headache and we were going to see some rock bands. Not a good combo. It’s too bad, for real, because my outfit was going to be epic.

Instead, I’m ready for a quiet night in with the husband. I’ve taken various pain meds, took a giant hit from the bong, chugged a can of Diet Pepsi, and now I’m soaking in the hottest bath I can stand. Hopefully this will take the edge off.

The new plan is takeout and a funny movie. I’m hopeful that after a chill night and some decent sleep, I’ll wake up feeling much better. Especially since we have fun plans tomorrow with the same friends. Luckily, they’re the fucking coolest, most chill people ever and they’ve already given me an out if I need one.

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