getting it out

  • I survived the bridal shower. I think it went quite well. We had a cute theme: Dirty Dancing. A loves that movie. The food was excellent. It was a classy little pool side party, and I think A really enjoyed herself, which made all the other nonsense well worth it.
  • I’ve heard a few things this weekend that have me thinking about how so many relationships just aren’t what they seem. You see these couples who look so happy and fabulous on social media, and then you find out that it’s all bullshit. Every couple has problems, obviously, but it’s such a mind fuck when you start seeing some of the cracks in these “instacouples” as I like to call them.
  • Idk, dude. I’ve just heard about a lot of relationship issues this weekend, like serious fucking problems where these people should be considering splitting up, and it has me feeling a bit bummed, but also super fucking grateful for what I have with D.
  • It also makes me love some of our couple friends all the more. I can think of two couples right now where their love for each other is genuine and beautiful and warms my heart. D and I love spending time with both of these couples because of that. It’s always fun and drama free: just how we like it.
  • My sister, K, texted me out of the blue today, and it was kind of scary actually because I was just thinking about how I miss her and need to reach out more. She has changed so much, like really grown into herself. I’m so proud of her, and how she has gotten her life together. She was telling me about our other sister, who is addicted to heroin, and is apparently going to random hospitals and giving my sister’s information when it’s time to collect billing info. So now K is geting harrassed by debt collectors over all this shit.
  • Oh and the Thanksgiving drama continues. K is probably going up for the family Thanksgiving dinner, and she wants me to go too, obvs, but she’s being cool about it. I just don’t understand why mom can’t come to STL and have a family Thanksgiving without that shit head she lives with. Well, I do understand. I just don’t fucking like it. And, honestly, I’m not going to be the one to compromise this time. We have all made our choices, and now we have to live with those choices.
  • Wow this post is kind of dark. I didn’t intend that when I started it, but I did want to get all this stuff out of my head. With that accomplished, I’m going to pack away the laptop and spend the rest of this evening with my husband and son.
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