tell us about one of your best friends

I met Carrie back in like 1998, I believe. We were in college. I thought she was cool, but we didn’t really become true friends until I moved back from California in 2002. From that moment on, we were tight.

Just last week we had a bestie day out, and we were reminiscing about how my ex used to never let us do stuff alone. Anytime we wanted to do anything, he insisted he tag along. Usually he’d bring Brad along, too. It was so pervasive that even six years post-divorce, it still feels a bit strange to be able to hang out just the two of us. But it’s awesome, obvs!

We have the same dark and sarcastic sense of humor. I love that I can tell her anything and her response is usually “same,” and vice versa. Admittedly, we can be mean girls sometimes, but we always keep it to ourselves. We’d never hurt anyone’s feelings on purpose. It just feels good to have a friend to whom you can say the shit that you aren’t supposed to say, and she won’t judge you for it. It’s like that meme/quote that says true love is seeing the ugly side of a person and deciding to stay anyway. We’ve stayed together through a lot of shit.

It’s awesome to have a friendship that isn’t high maintenance. We don’t have to talk every single day, and we always just pick up right where we left things. There’s no drama. Just 20 years of shared history. Shit…at one point we lived across the street from each other and saw each other almost every day!! I can’t imagine my life without her in it. She’s one of my ride or die bitches. You don’t get too many of those. You have to cherish them.

I love you, Carrie.



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