what’s your favorite game to play?

My favorite time suck phone game is Candy Crush. I’ve been playing that shit for years. I’m on level 2979. K, L, and I obsess over it sometimes at the office. K is currently in the lead, but I’m gaining on her.

D and I play a lot of Yahtzee. We like to sit around and play Yahtzee in the great room while we drink and play records. This is a favorite Tuesday and/or Thursday night happy hour activity. We usually play three rounds. I have an app on my phone that we use to keep score.

We also like playing Game of Thrones card game. We played some in Tennessee. We need to pick it up again. It’s complicated to learn, but super fun once you get the hang of it. We also have the Game of Thrones board game, which we got as a wedding gift, but haven’t been able to play it yet because you need at least three people. We intend to have a little GoT game night sometime soon.

Obviously, I love playing D&D. We do a lot of that. We play with the kids. We play with friends. It’s (almost) always a good time. Except for that time D killed me. Don’t kill me, god damn it!

Another game I’ve played a few times that I really enjoy is the Battlestar Galactica board game. I always end up being the cylon. We only play that when Spence comes down (it’s his game). He’s coming down in November so hopefully he’ll bring it with him.

Oh I almost forgot video games! Around RiekAlt Manor, we like to play Mario Kart 8 and Rock Band. I think I want to pick up Karaoke Revolution, too. I used to love playing that one back in the day. I think the kids would enjoy it.

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