Are you an introvert or extrovert? A leader, follower, or lone wolf?

I am definitely an introvert, but I can put on an extroverted front when necessary. It’s draining as fuck though. A lot of people don’t believe me when I say I’m introverted. This is usually because those people are familiar with Drunk Jenn. Drunk Jenn is a good time girl. Ain’t no doubt.

But I need a lot of alone time. My ideal situation is being at home reading. I crave quiet. I like to sit around and think about or write about things.

I’m a leader in the workplace. It’s hard sometimes, but it’s necessary. You can’t run a successful law firm without being a leader. I’m the boss lady. I have to act like it even when I don’t want to, which is most of the time honestly. Being an attorney is especially hard on introverts.

I don’t think I’m much of a follower. I never have been. I do what I want, say what I want, and wear what I want. I don’t give many fucks about who likes me or approves of my choices. It has always been this way.

I’m lucky to be well liked (with a few exceptions!) and have a good sized group of friends. D and I have a very active (too active for me sometimes) social life. It can be difficult for me because I’d almost always rather be at home or if I’m going out I prefer to go out just the two of us. My favorite friends are the chill, low maintenance kind. If you expect me to come to all your shit, you aren’t going to be happy with me.

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