My clients are driving me crazy today. I never want to check my email again.

My allergies are awful today. Can’t stop sneezing. In fact, I just don’t feel well in general. I want to go back to bed.

I was down a little over a pound at weigh in yesterday. I’m hoping for another pound off by next Tuesday. I’m not obsessing though. Not even calorie counting. Just making some better choices. Oh and moving more. I’m looking forward to my run/walk tonight because the weather is fucking tops today.

My super aggressive face cream has made my skin sore and flaky. This was expected. You look bad for about two weeks and then it starts looking amazing. I’m good with it.

I’m having a Halloween costume dilemma. It shouldn’t be this difficult to find what I want.

The rest of my work week is sort of a clusterfuck. I’m just dreaming of the weekend.

Both kids will be home tonight. I think it’s spaghetti night.

Ugh. I’m just not feeling it, dog.

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