write a letter to someone from your past

I’ve been struggling with this prompt, which is why my blog a day prompt entries came to a halt recently. This was the prompt for the 26th.

I don’t typically like to dwell on the past – at least not the distant past. My distant past was filled with terrible things.

Of course, there is nothing saying this can’t be a happy letter. It doesn’t have to be a sad or angry one.

Still, when I consider this prompt, this is the letter I want to write:

Dear You,

Given current events, I have given a lot of thought recently to exposing you. I would like to burn your entire life down, the way you tried to burn mine. But, in the end, I have no time for you. I am like the phoenix: I may burn, but I will always rise from the ashes. And oh how high I fly nowadays, despite how you told me I’d amount to nothing.

I do hope that you get yours someday, and maybe you already have. And if, by chance, the hell you always preached about does in fact exist, I know you’ll fucking burn there.

The most fucked up part? I bet you don’t even remember me. Though I hope you do, and I hope you live in fear of being exposed. Because #me too, motherfucker. I didn’t have a voice then. But I sure as fuck do now.

Hating you always,

Your “favorite altar girl”

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