We hit a pot hole on our way home from dinner on Thursday night, and now D’s car is fucked. So we’re a one car family now. At least for this week. Hopefully not much longer, but who knows. We have to wait to see what the insurance adjuster says and all that jazz.

I’m obsessed with Ozark now. We’re trying not to blow through it. It’s nice to be excited about a show again.

Work is a bit of a shit show, but what else is new. I’m dreading going in tomorrow. At least that depo is over. That was a mess.

I’m also sort of obsessed with my latest read: The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. I’m trying to savor that as well. It’s not like any other book I’ve read. It’s sort of like historical fiction meets science fiction meets murder mystery. I dig it.

I’m a bit concerned I won’t make my reading goal this year (100 books). I’m at 73 now. It’s not impossible, but I have less time to read nowadays.

I’m feeling quite poorly today. Not sure what’s going on. I hope I feel better tomorrow. I put off doing a bunch of stuff today, like taking the kids shopping, that now must be done tomorrow evening.

D and I have a date to grab drinks at our local bar in about 30 minutes.

There’s more to say, but I need a minute.

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