it’s friday

and i’m fucking fried.

Like whoa.

I’ve decided that once I leave here today, I’m not checking my email again until Monday. Fuck that shit. My email is blowing up with fuckery, and I need a break.

I have some heavy shit weighing on my mind. All work related shit. Something’s gotta give though, and I think it has finally truly hit me that nothing is going to change unless I take some drastic actions. I might finally be ready.  I’m discussing two exciting, but scary, scenarios with the husband tonight.

Tonight is new recipe night, which is something we like to do in autumn. I’m excited about the dish we’re making tonight. More on that later!

Tomorrow is adult d&d. I’m rolling up a new character tonight. I have new cosplay wear that I acquired at the Ren Faire that I’m excited to wear.

Oh did I ever mention that I also bought a parasol at the Ren Faire? Well I did, and it is fabulous. I’m going to be that weird lady walking around with a parasol.

Two more hours until freedom.


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