jenny says

  • I’m in UTI hell.
  • Tramadol. ❤️
  • It’s 8 pm and I could easily fall asleep right now.
  • I’m fatter in real life. I’m working on it.
  • But at the same time, I’m pretty hot for an old bitch.
  • I’m in the process of printing and framing pics to display around the house.
  • I still need to jazz up my front porch with some autumnal shit.
  • We’re going to purge a lot of stuff this weekend. I’m in the mood to get organized.
  • And put on the cabinet hardware if I can get around to ordering it finally.
  • Sounds like tomorrow night will be a fun date night in the city as long as this stupid infection doesn’t ruin things.
  • It was decided today that I’m going to see NKOTB in May with my sister and my two besties. I’m fucking pumped, dude. Oh and Debbie Gibson is opening. Fuck yessss. I’m in it for the nostalgia, the lolz, and the fantastic company.
  • I picked Freya up this afternoon and it was just the two of us. She talked my ear off the entire way, updating me on the latest gossip. I love it!
  • It’s only Monday. Fuck.
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