what day is it again? no, seriously…

I have like 15 things I could word spew on right now, but I’m too exhausted to do so. None of it would even make sense. I’m worried that everything I’ve been working on today (and last week) is going to be fucked up, because I am not in a good head space right now.

For example, I fell asleep while driving today. Just for a few seconds, but I FELL ASLEEP WHILE DRIVING TODAY. It was awful and scary and thank god I was alone in the car when it happened.

And, just last week, I was looking everywhere for my glasses and THEY WERE ON MY FUCKING FACE. Like how even?

I am overworked, overwhelmed, stressed as fuck, and burnt out. There is no end in sight, so I just have to keep trucking.

Add in the chronic fatigue and chronic pain issues, and…ugh.

So idk, dude. I just don’t fucking know.

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