Can’t sleep?? Why not blog?!

Right. So it’s 3:07 am, and I am not amused.

I just heard there is a Haunting of Hill House show on Netflix so yeah that’s happening.

Speaking of shit I want to watch, I’m going to watch Eighth Grade tomorrow. I told Frey she could watch it too. I bet we have good discussions during and after given what I know about the movie.

This is random I know, but I really wish they’d make another SATC movie.

I have so many thoughts running through my head right now. I kinda think this is happening because my body felt like today was a Sunday. And so this is my Sunday night anxiety spiral, just on the wrong night. So does this mean I get to skip tomorrow night?? Ha. Yeah right.

Today yesterday (Saturday) was a good day. Just saying.

Dude, shit is getting real on Ozark! I find myself caring about what happens like these are actually real people. Lol.

I have an old lady bladder now and it sucks. I have to pee constantly. If I even think about peeing then I’ll have to pee.

Finally got some fall decor for the porch. It’s not quite what I want but it’s a step in the right direction.

When the fuck did I become the kind of person who cares about shit like that? ^^^

I’ve recently noticed I have a thing about doing stuff in threes.

At the office, we use some combination of our initials to mark things on the calendar. We have KH, LJ, TN, CSB, and JPAR. You know I always have to be extra.

I’ve noticed I’m using my full hyphenated last name professionally, but just my married surname socially. I like it like that. Keep the work identity at a distance.

I love being married, btw. ❤️

I love that my most commented upon post of late is the dick pic post. 🤣🤣🤣


And again.

Why the fuck am I still awake??? JFC

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