paint the black hole blacker

I can’t get the lyrics to The Strangers by St. Vincent out of my head.

Lover, I don’t play to win but for the thrill until I’m spent.

Such a good song.

My husband still doesn’t have his car back and it’s super frustrating to only have my car to get us all where we need to go. We returned the rental on Monday because we were supposed to be able to get the car by now. Grr.

Related news: I feel like I live in my car.

Totes rando, I know, but I love caves, like loooooove caves, and I want to plan a trip to a new one. I’ve never been to Fantastic Caverns, and I think I need to plan an overnight trip with the family.

The best cave I’ve ever been to was Carlsbad Caverns. I’d love to go back someday.

New topic: Frey is officially a Sunny fan. She has a favorite episode and everything, though I do believe a big part of it is that she wants us to have this in common. It’s sweet. She asks me every time we’re together if we can watch it together, and then she asks a billion questions.

We’re rapidly approaching anniversary weekend! We have some good stuff planned.


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