We sat at the bar at Charleville and planned out our basement design. I’m really loving what we’ve come up with. It’s time to start a Pinterest board.

The bartender was this young, hot hipster chick who played Crash Into Me for us after finding out it was our wedding song. I cried. ❤️

After a few rounds, we headed to dinner right across the way at Vin de Set, an old favorite. Four delightful courses in all, and I had champagne, of course.

We had a great discussion about this past year, our feelings, and what we want for our future. It gave me all the feels. I cried again. ❤️

Our waiter looked so much like Morgan Freeman, and he was hilarious and quirky. I was wearing my wedding shoes and he told me they were hella good.

He’s right.

Oh and we looked adorable:

I love him so very super duper never gonna get over it much.

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