I saw my ex-MIL yesterday when I dropped Jackson off after the birthday party. She had to put her two 16-year-old dogs down yesterday morning, so she was obviously quite upset when I arrived. I gave her a hug and chatted with her a bit. I still care about her very much. She’s a good person.

Anyway it got me thinking that she is likely to be the only real mother-in-law relationship I’ll ever have, since D’s parents are the way they are. I still haven’t met them or ever even spoken to them. It’s fine. It’s not like I really feel like I’m missing out or anything, and it’s not like I’m even sad about it. It was just something I started thinking about on my drive home. She sounds awful, tbh. They both do. I do find it funny, however, that they’re still all butt hurt about a divorce that nobody else even seems to care about anymore. For fuck’s sake, D’s ex was chatting with us in our kitchen just the other day! If she can move on, why can’t they?

Idk, man. People are fucking weird.

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