i guess i’m feeling bloggy today

Some days you’ve got it. Some days you don’t. That’s okay.

I discovered that the Whole Foods down the street has a taqueria. So! Guess who has a burrito bowl sitting on her desk right now? Well an empty one. I already ate it. It was tasty, but not like Chipotle or Qdoba tasty. But defintiely ‘will eat again because Whole Foods is just one block from my office‘ sorta tasty.

Have you ever stared at your face so long (or someone else’s face) that is starts to look weird and distorted, like everything just looks wrong and then you can’t unsee that shit? Just me? Okay then.

I made the law firm a nice little chunk of money this morning, and so now I feel justified in sitting here for the next hour fucking around while waiting on my next appointment to show. There are piles of cases around me that need attention, but meh. So much meh.

Now that I’m 39, I’m trying to find some sort of, I don’t know, acceptance or comfort or something like that with my looks. It doesn’t really make sense to me anymore that I should be trying to look hot in the traditional sense. I’m not young anymore. I’m middle aged. So I guess I’m trying to look hot for a middle aged chick? It hurts more than I’m comfortable admitting that I can only really describe my looks using that phrase now: “for a middle aged woman.” But at the same time, it is helping me get out of that mind set altogether. I may only be “attractive for a middle aged chick” or “hot for a mom” but I’m also successful, smart, and wise, and none of those things need to be qualified. And those are characteristics I didn’t necessarily have and/or own in quite the same way when I was younger. So idk – just something I’ve been thinking about.

Not to mention that my husband is way into middle aged chicks, so I guess it isn’t so bad. In fact, I showed him a pic of someone the other day who has some pretty serious wrinkles around the eyes, which I do not (yet) have, and he thought it was hot. Food for thought, I suppose.

I have no idea where this post is even going. Obvs.

Where is this year even going? It’s somehow almost November. I was reading an email earlier about some shit going on next week and I realized Halloween is only a week away. Then Thursday morning we are doing something at Freya’s school now. Followed by a trip to KC to see a favorite band. Then driving from KC to Illinois to meet friends for a winery trip. And then there is Jackson’s birthday, so I need to plan his party.  Before you know it, it will be Thanksgiving. Then Christmas. Wow. Soon it will be 2019. I ain’t mad tho. 2018 was kind of a shit show tbh.

Speaking of Christmas, we are doing all the things this year, like really going all out, which is why we were initially so upset when it seemed like we might not have Freya on Christmas Day after all. But that is all settled now, and I am excited about the epic 12 foot Christmas tree we are about to order. I want to make sure it is here and ready to go for the day after Thanksgiving. I am so excited!

This has gotten long. Oops.

Okay, okay. Time to get back to the lawyering.





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