Today has been so good so far.

And it’s like 7 pm so that’s a great place to be.

I spent most of my day with some of my favorite people (friends/bk lawyers/colleagues) at a docket, followed by the fed court cafeteria, and finally the bk meets tax law seminar. I love these people. I feel so lucky to know them.

I spent like 90 minutes in the office before I headed to the husband’s office for the annual open house. There was a keg, and good conversation with his colleagues.

We took a selfie in front of his white board. He’s so fucking smart. *swoon*

Then we grabbed another beer and an appetizer at a nearby bar.

While sitting at the bar, a former (and now future) client approached me for a brief chat. It was actually kind of cool.

And I came home to find my Redbird Vintage Box waiting on me, and it’s SO GOOD. But more on that later.

We’re about to eat Crack potato soup – because it’s new recipe night again. ❤️

Okay gotta go get my Thursday night on. 💙💙


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