truthful tuesday part 2

  • It took three glasses of Prosecco for me to come down tonight.
  • I’m keeping a work related secret for a while, but the gist is that I’m like 95% sure I’m losing a fantastic employee. I’m sad, but also happy for her.
  • I’m thinking that maybe this change will be good. We could use a big shake up. I’m going to take the lemons and make lemonade.
  • I’m not going to see much of a certain person this month and I’m not mad about it. Take all the vacation days. Take a permanent vacation. *shrugs*
  • The Orville. I’m into it. Who knew?
  • The joint pain kept me up a lot last night. And when it wasn’t the pain it was the night sweats. I’m exhausted and kind of salty about all of it. This shit is just so unfair, like fuck, dude. Haven’t I dealt with enough bullshit? This shit combined with work shit has me out of sorts. I’m hoping a weekend away with D is going to set me right.
  • Fucking and drinking and laughing the pain away.
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