7 @ 11:45 pm

Sunday is almost over, so I better get on this:

  1. Another amazing weekend with my amazing husband. I’m the luckiest.
  2. I made two new friends this weekend, and I see all of us spending many more amazing weekends together in the future.
  3. We ended the weekend seeing David Cross, and he was hilarious. His Trump rants were EVERYTHING. But why is there always that one drunken, dumb ass, dick bag motherfucker who has to heckle the comedian? Why? And why are they always sitting behind me?
  4. I miss my kids and my fur kid. I can’t wait to be reunited tomorrow afternoon.
  5. I probably gained like 10 pounds this weekend. Back to exercising tomorrow. Oh and I’m actually looking forward to not drinking for a bit.
  6. I have two more days off. 🙌🏻
  7. My book and bed are calling. xoxo
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