myers briggs

There is a blog of the day challenge going on over on Tumblr and one of the prompts was to take the MB test and share your results.

Before (and during) 2012, the test always indicated I was an INFJ. Always. And that description was scarily accurate. I changed a lot post cancer/post divorce, however, and I am now considered an INFP. And if you read the article that addresses judging vs prospecting, it makes a lot of sense why I changed in that regard. I used to be very rigid in how I handled things. I had no chill. Nowadays I am much more flexible and easy going in my approach to life. I’m also way less concerned with the opinions of others.

That said, the percentage breakdown was 49% judging to 51% prospecting, so I mean it’s a change, but not a huge one.

I find stuff like this very interesting. You have to take it with a grain of salt, sure, but it can still give you a lot of insight into why you act/react/think/feel the way you do.

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