Ugh these clients today were fucking on.

This morning, a client I had never met before (because he had always met with my partner) acted super weird and initially refused to believe I was who I said I was, because, “I didn’t think you’d look like this.”

Say the fuck what? Jesus fucking Christ.

Then on the afternoon docket, a particularly high maintenance man kept huffing and puffing over how long the docket was taking, because he has “many important things to do.” My response, “Oh I’m so sorry you have so many more pressing matters to attend to other than discharging $65,000.00 in debt in one afternoon. By all means, feel free to leave and not get a discharge. It doesn’t matter to me.” His face was priceless. Fuck that guy.

What I wanted to add, but didn’t was, “And maybe this short sighted way of thinking is exactly what has you sitting in this room to begin with.”

People are such entitled fucks, istg.

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