The moon looks amazing tonight.

Oh and there were two fire pits going earlier.

TMITHC is getting intense.

We were able to facetime with both the kiddos today.

I’m >this< close to getting D to join WordPress. This needs to happen.

Biz may be a guard dog after all.

My cousin has a husky pup now, and I’m so excited for him.

I’m not feeling either of the books I’m reading.

We have a visit planned with my brother-in-law, and D explained the dynamic best when he said, “I’m Justice Stevens, he’s Scalia, and you’re RBG.” He knows how to talk to me.

Why is pumpkin pie so good?

I’m starting 30DS tomorrow. Assuming my joints cooperate. This desperately needs to happen.

Change is coming. I’m ready. On several fronts.

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