It’s 11:02 pm and my husband is having a fashion dilemma. What to wear to the big meeting tomorrow? It’s cute how serious he is.

Now it’s 11:07. We had to talk strategy.

Now I’m in bed.

My right knee is fucked today. I knew as soon as I woke up, and it’s only gotten worse throughout the day. I’m walking quite poorly, and with much pain.

I really like the new stylist. She’s talented, and she’s cool, which means no awkward silences. Thank god.

My color looks amazing. A very rich, shiny black. My only complaint? My bangs are just a smidge too short. They should be fine in a few weeks.

I bought a sweater dress off the clearance rack at Target today. I want to live in sweater dresses and velvet all winter. I’ve been ignoring most of my other clothes.

I received my (3rd) Redbird Vintage box today, and it was fucking delightful this month. Everything was fantastic, but there’s a necklace that I’m absolutely in love with. Also, the owner included a bunch of extras this time. The breakdown:

2 dresses, 2 slips, 3 bracelets, 2 brooches, and 2 necklaces.

It’s supposed to be a 6 item box. Sarah and Karen are so generous. And I adore how every box includes a handwritten note from whichever one styled the box.

Wow this turned into a review. Lol. Sorry. Fan girling over here.

Oh so The Man In The High Castle is giving me nightmares. It’s worst than actual horror! I read a super creepy novella right before bed last night, and nothing…no bad dreams. But I bet I have one tonight after watching three episodes of TMITHC.

We had an extra night with Jackson tonight. He’s just such a good boy. I feel really mushy tonight for some reason, and I’m getting all teary eyed thinking about how much I love him.

Have I mentioned that my knee hurts? Holy fuck.

It’s 11:23 pm. I’m not going to read this over for errors so *fingers crossed*


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