too tired to title

  • I can bend my knee again, which means I can walk again. So that’s cool. Still hurts but not as much. I’ll take what I can get.
  • It’s motherfucking Friday and thank god for that.
  • I’m never going to understand the people who come in here for a bankruptcy consultation having no idea how much debt they owe. Oh and then act put out that I’m asking. What exactly did you think we were going to talk about in here, Susan?
  • I was a weed fairy today. I hope it brings her some relief.
  • I’m worried that 30DS caused my knee issues. It’s so high impact. My docs all want me to get an elliptical. So I guess I need to go that route. But imma be pissed about it for a while because I dislike the elliptical. Oh and because I love 30DS and I really don’t want to give it up. I wonder if there is anyway I can modify it to be lower impact.
  • Heaven forbid anyone might ever show up on time. *eyeroll*
  • I’m short on patience today. In case you couldn’t tell.
  • I skipped dinner last night, so I didn’t feel bad about the slice of chocolate cake I had for lunch. It’s T’s birthday. She’s 31. Oh to be 31 again.
  • I’m ridiculously exhausted and I am looking forward to sleeping as much as I want this weekend. I need this.
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