my favorite color

My favorite color is pink. Always has been. Always will be. From the palest of pastel to the hottest, most outrageous shades. I. Love. Pink. I love pink so much that I have pink business cards, for fuck’s sake. I’ve been known to write up client fee agreements with pink ink. It’s my thing.

Other favorites include: purple, black, grey, blue, and emerald green. These colors make up most of my wardrobe.

Colors I dislike: brown and orange.

I almost put yellow on the dislike list, but, in reality, I love the color yellow if we’re talking about flowers and nature and shit. If we’re talking about clothing: nope. Yellow just isn’t a flattering color for most people, unless they have dark skin. In my experience, fair skinned people who think they look good in yellow are usually wrong. But, I mean, do you, obvi. Oh and mustard/dark yellow…gtfo with that ugly shit.

You can file that last paragraph under “Weird shit that Jenn rants about.”

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