I’m def not in top form today.

My knee started swelling yesterday, and got progressively worse throughout the night. It’s nice and swollen now. Painful. I had to cancel yoga this morning, as well as our plans to go out with friends to see some bands tonight. I definitely cannot be standing all night in this condition.

I’m addition, I was clearly too indulgent with the alcohols last night so I’m quite hungover today. This will last for the next three days, just like the knee usually does. Mark my words! Getting old is rough.

New plan for the night: dinner out with the husband. We had to cancel last night’s dinner date because things got a bit crazy around here. A friend came over to pick up some stuff, and then Freya discovered that she had lost her ACT paperwork. That was a whole fucking ordeal. I managed to salvage the situation by making a very last minute phone call (I called at 7:59 and the office closed at 8), and she was able to take the test this morning. She was so very close to not being able to. We still have no idea where those papers are. I’m annoyed because I asked for that shit like five times, but she kept putting me off and then she somehow managed to lose them. She’s lucky I was able to pull it off, because her dad was absolutely livid, and her mom wasn’t around to answer my questions. I really hope she learned an important lesson about responsibility. Part of me wonders if her dad was right, and I should have just let her suffer the consequences.

Ultimately, I’m pleased it all worked out, and I really do believe she learned a lesson. She was quite distraught last night, and very excited this morning. It’s like we told her though: if you want to be given the privileges of older kids, then I’m going to expect you to be mature and handle your shit.

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