Oh and another thing about last night…

One of my really good friends brought an attorney friend of hers that does personal injury work to the party. The idea was for her to do some networking. The friend, Rebecca, is a newish attorney. The three of us got tipsy and chatted for quite a while. At one point, Rebecca goes, “Sorry if this is rude, but you seem to have a lot of experience for your age, and just how old are you anyway?”

Me: “I’ll be 40 in July.”

Her: “No fucking way, dude.”

And…I love her. Haha.

Seriously though…the three of us left at the same time, and once Rebecca had walked away, Danielle said to me, “I knew you two would hit it off, and you’re two of my absolute favorite people so I’m very happy right now.”

We have plans to do a happy hour soon.

Yay to new friends, and yay to looking younger than I actually am! ❤️❤️

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