We watched the Les Mis movie tonight, and I have to admit I liked it a lot more this time. It helped fill in some gaps for me, as I had a hard time hearing a lot of the lyrics from where we were sitting when we saw it at the theater on Thursday night.

I know everyone loves Eponine, but I love Fantine, and omg Anne Hathaway fucking killed it. Tears forever.

We talked a lot about the show over lunch, which led us to decide we’re going to go see Fiddler and Miss Saigon as well. I haven’t seen either in quite some time, and D has never seen Miss Saigon.

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  1. My love for Les Mis began with the film.

    However, it was a rocky start. The first time with the film- when it ended I did not know if I liked it. I was confused and shocked it was a tragedy. I was unsure of it. I even called it too depressing. I still decided to research the musical anyways.

    So for some reason months later (which was March 2013), gave that film a 2nd chance. Better experience since I was better prepared. I realized there was something special about Les Mis. I became a fan of Les Mis the 2nd time I saw the movie.

    So had to watch the film two times before knowing if I liked Les Mis or not. By summer, I was officially obsessed with Les Mis.

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